MF Global reamed their clients 1.2 billion times

These scumbags stole 1.2 million from their clients and it was legal! John Corzine, the guy Obama was about to make Treasury secretary is the one who did it! They are not supposed to trade their clients accounts. The clients thought there money was just sitting in an account like your checking account. MF Global literally took the client money out of their accounts and bought European sovereign credit default swaps which tanked so they went bankrupt. Normally if a brokerage firm goes bankrupt from their own proprietary trading, the clients money is still there because their accounts are separate from the brokerages own money they bet with. Put it this way. If you had 1.2 billion in paper cash in a safe deposit box with them, they would have broken the lock on it and taken the money to buy dogshit credit default swaps with. The system is so fucked now that this is legal!!!! The whole thing needs to be flushed down the toilet. We need to start over, but that won’t happen until those stupid fucks in America are totally broke. Then they will notice but they probably won’t even know who did it to them. The stupid fucks will blame the Iranians or something. The leadership of the United States is raping you! WAKE UP NUMBNUTS!!!!! THAT IS WHY YOUR ASS IS BLEEDING!!!! JOHN CORZINE, FORMER GOLDMAN SACHS CEO AND SENATOR AND GOVERNOR OF NEW JERSEY.


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MF Global files bankruptcy CEO gets 12 million

Did you expect anything else? Failure must be rewarded if you are a banker.

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So the banks paid back all the bailout money?

Yes, the banks paid back the TARP money but TARP is only a tiny fraction of the total bailout money. TARP is only what the government gave the banks. The Federal Reserve gave out that we know of, 16 trillion. That is only what they were forced to admit by a freedom of information lawsuit filed by Bloomberg. Of course, the Fed is supposedly part of the government but when Bloomberg wanted to know the amount of loans they gave out, The Federal Reserve claimed that they were a private corporation so they didn’t have to give out the information because the freedom of information act only covers government entities! Scroll down in the article to find what I have pasted below.
While the Fed’s Washington-based Board of Governors is a federal agency subject to the Freedom of Information Act and other government rules, the New York Fed and other regional banks maintain they are separate institutions, owned by their member banks, and not subject to federal restrictions.
Here is the total amount of loans given out that we know of. Note all of the foreign banks.

Do you think Citibank has paid back 2.4 trillion? They sure had enough money to give out bonuses though.

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Stiglitz tells it like it is

This guy is the former head of the world bank. I don’t know how a guy this honest ever got that position? Too bad nobody will take his advise or listen to him that has any power. The banks that own congress and Obama will never let that happen.
Stiglitz tells the truth that what happend in 2008 proves that economists like Bernake were wrong about what could have been done to stop the great depression.

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Corporate Feudalism

Corporate Feudalism. 147 companies, mainly banks, control 40% of the wealth of the world. The title is misleading. This is not capitalism but feudalism with fascism (corporatism as defined by Mussolini) mixed in, dominated by a banking cartel. These egg headed physics dorks are unable to think outside of the limited range given to them at MIT: that our corporate lords are capitalists. They are not capitalists but socialists. Risks are socialized onto you and rewards are privatized to them.

Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world

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Another way you will be screwed

Bank of America is moving their worthless derivatives from their subsidiary Merrill Lynch into the BOA deposit bank. That means that when these derivatives go belly up, the counter parties to these will get paid with the deposits and the FDIC will have to pay the depositors. The FDIC in turn will have to be bailed out by the government because they won’t have enough money to pay the depositors. The government in turn doesn’t have the money to pay the FDIC so the Federal Reserve will have to print more money to buy more government bonds. This money printing will cause inflation.
So to sum it up, everyone that pays taxes in the United States will be paying the counter parties of Merrill Lynch and anyone who holds dollars will also be paying a tax (inflation) to pay for the federal reserve printing money to give the government, to give to the FDIC to give to the depositors, after their deposits have been used to pay the Merrill Lynch counter parties!

Bank of America Deathwatch: Moves Risky Derivatives From Holding Company to Taxpayer-Backstopped Depository

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Banking should be a public utility

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And you wonder why your anus is bleeding?

This goes to the heart of what is wrong and how you are getting screwed. STOP WATCHING FOX NEWS AND LEARN ABOUT WHAT IS GOING ON. DO YOU WANT YOUR CHILDREN TO BE SERFS?

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No shit numbnuts!

I could have told you this a long time ago.

Non-Partisan Government Report: Federal Reserve Is Riddled with Corruption and Conflicts of Interest

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Who owns Romney

I just discovered who will win the presidential election. I though Obama would but look at the donor list for Romney. I guess they want to switch it up to republican?

Goldman Sachs $354,700
Credit Suisse Group $195,250
Morgan Stanley $185,800
HIG Capital $176,500
Barclays $155,250
Kirkland & Ellis $129,100
Bank of America $121,500
PricewaterhouseCoopers $118,250
EMC Corp $117,300
JPMorgan Chase & Co $109,750
The Villages $92,500
Vivint Inc $88,250
Sullivan & Cromwell $78,750
Marriott International $75,837
Bain Capital $69,500
UBS AG $64,250
Wells Fargo $63,000
Blackstone Group $57,300
Citigroup Inc $56,550
KKR & Co $53,900

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